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A Natural Approach to Better Health

Providing evidence based and complete client focused massage therapy treatments, with multiple modalities 

tailored to your  specific rehabilitative needs.

Come Experience the Secret to

Well Being 

Deep Tissue

Relaxation techniques

Joint Mobilizations

Trigger point therapy

Myofascial release

Frictions/Scar treatments

Active and Passive Release


Hot Stone

Deep diaphragmatic Breathing

PNF stretching

Remedial exercise

Infant Massage

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction treatment

Ready For Your Massage?

Swedish Massage

Manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using very rhythmic and slow techniques, great for anybody!!!!

Deep Tissue Massage

A type of  swedish massage, involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle

Hot Stone

Smooth hot volcanic rocks are heated in water and then used as the massage tool to help achieve a deeper treatment without discomfort and a greater sense of relaxation within the soft tissues of the body. 


We can still ease away many of the discomforts of pregnancy with many swedish massage techniques either in Side lying position or on your tummy in our very comfortable Preggo Pillow!

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